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SEO Link Building Works

SEO link building works to get you more web site traffic. Both internal and external strategies are easy to implement and can have a huge impact on both the user experience and increase your web site traffic.
The basics of SEO are fairly simple. Good content, proper title, description, and file naming according to subject. Then there’s website linking. A must have for any web site to get rankings and natural traffic. SEO Link Building is taking it to a step above the basics. The SEO part of this link building strategy is to make sure that you use descriptive anchor text in all your links that matches your subject matter and use both external and internal links.

Deep linking refers to the practice of both getting external links to interior web pages, and internal linking, between web pages on your web site. The internal linking is necessary to create an easy to understand navigation method. There are several very good reasons to have both external and internal link building strategies.
There are two kinds of links we’ll discuss on deep link building. Internal or on page, and external or off page. Both are important and both can increase the value to the search engines and visitors. External website links bring visitors and have a positive impact on search engine ranking. Internal website links are for navigation within a web site and must be easy to follow for both search engine bots (software to review your web site) and visitors.

The easiest way to plan your internal website linking is to do a drawing using a method of drill down links. Similar to the diagramming of sentences you did back in school to figure out proper use of English. It’s the same principle in our deep linking, it should make sense to the visitor and be easy to use. Logic and drill down methods work the best. And you need a basic link on every page to go back one page, go to the home page, get to the check out page if you are selling, and get to a sitemap that lists all pages by content.

Being consistent on the link location and using descriptive text is a must. The whole point of linking is to make
sure that whether it’s a human or a search engine bot, they see the relationship between the information on each link. An example using our plumbing subject would be to have a tools link on every project web page that might have unique tools, like Bathroom Plumbing Tools or Lawn Sprinkler Plumbing Tools. And those links would be in the same location on each web page.

And don’t forget the SiteMap. Every web site should have a sitemap that lists every single page by content in an organized manner. If you have a large and diverse subject web site, many visitors will go right to the sitemap to find the specific information they want. The sitemap link should be on every single page in your web site. Visitors who get frustrated will be gone in mere seconds, easy to understand sitemaps will make it simple for them to find exactly what they want.

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  1. SEO Ireland

    Place your websites link where it can stay for long time so that trust factor of website will boost and also try to get links from authority sites that are having the relevant content rather than link pages.

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