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Best Sex Position

Best Sex Position

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If you are a man and are wondering what best sex position or technique is the best for my woman you are in luck. Surveys indicate that the least favorite sex positions would be the doggy position, for men this is the favorite of most, for women it is not for several reasons.

Women feel that everything hangs out- in other words their tummies and breast are under gravity and they feel uncomfortable. When it comes to choosing the right sex technique you want to be sure that you choose one that makes the woman comfortable!

Comfort is the key to choosing the right sex position or technique. A relaxed woman has a great chance of being aroused and pleasured than a tensed woman

The funny thing is that when women were surveyed for the best sex positions in 2016 they rated the cow girl, or woman on top sex position as the best sex position of 2016

Why? Control- a woman on top can control the sex experience and she can bring herself to an orgasm rather quickly.

Men like this sex position as well because it offers a great view and gives room for maneuvering the vagina.

Other reasons why women like this best sex position and technique is because they won’t be crushed their often larger men partners.

The missionary sex position was favored by those who wanted something fast and quick and unimaginative.

It might surprise you, but the best sex position has been the same for years on end and 2016 is nor exception but first what is the one sex position that women just love and what are the reasons why?

Best Sex position for hottest sex
Best Sex position for hottest sex

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