Lesson Study Evaluation and Dissemination Workshops*

*i wrote this article as a part of tasks at my previous job. it was published on PRIMA P News November 200 Edition.  

Lesson Study evaluation and dissemination workshops were held in July 2009, with participants from both target and non-target (those not selected as pilot targets in the first year of the lesson study) schools and TPK. The purpose of the workshop is to evaluate the Lesson Study activity in the first year (December 2008 – May 2009), and share the experiences with non-target school and TPK. Meetings were held at each Kabupaten (Jeneponto on July 16, Barru on July 21, and Wajo on 25 July, 2009), and there were 30-40 participants at each workshop venue. 
JICA Expert Team presented its assessment of the first year of the Lesson Study at the workshop, which is similar to another assessment by the Lesson Study Facilitators from the pilot schools and TPK.  
l  In Lesson Study, participating teachers should observe not only how the teacher teaches, but also how students react, interact and learn. Suggestions for improvement should come from observation of both. These fundamental ideas of Lesson Study were well acknowledged by the participants.
l  “Plan, Do, See” procedure of the Lesson Study is well accepted by the participants.
l  Participants’ behaviors are improved very much compared with those at the beginning. 
l  Though there is some improvement, there still are problematic behaviors of participating teachers, such as talking over mobile phone, chatting with other participating teachers, intervening during open class conducted by demonstrating teachers (when observing the open class), criticizing teachers conducting their demonstration very badly (in the “See” session), etc.
l  Observation of the participating teachers tends to be limited only to surface description of students. Observations fail to pick up interaction among students, and between students and teachers.   
l  Reflecting on above, comments made by participating teachers in the reflection session (“See” session) tend to be descriptions of how students looked like from the outside, but lack in how students interact with one another and understand.  Most of them failed to make suggestion for teachers regarding how teacher could prompt for a better interaction among students.
The participants seemed to feel that they have gained something in the first year of Lesson Study, yet they have not been satisfied yet. Rather many of them recognize that continuity is important, according to their comments made in the workshop.

Basic Strategy on Lesson Study for Cycle 3
Intervention in a “Plan” step
In Cycle 2, PRIMA Pendidikan intervened only in “Do” and “See” steps. In this experience of Lesson Study implementation in Cycle 2, it was found that there were already crucial problems when teachers produced lesson plans. Most of teachers did not discuss the teaching contents deeply, but only discussed framework of a lesson: for example, how long group discussion will take, what methods will be used, lecturing, question and answer, or inquiry, etc. Therefore, teachers could not have any deep insight into the contents to be taught or any clear image of students’ learning during the lesson. Therefore, Cycle 3 will give teachers technical advice and support in their “Plan” step, in addition to “Do” and “See” steps. 
Provision of indirect support to other schools and MGMP
Since PRIMA Pendidikan started Lesson Study, many schools in the three target districts became interested in Lesson Study and they have continuously requested PRIMA Pendidikan to give technical support and advice. The basic strategy of PRIMA Pendidikan is that the pilot schools and MGMP will be fully developed as a regional model of Lesson Study during the project period, and other schools can learn from those pilot schools and MGMP after the project ends. Therefore, PRIMA Pendidikan will not give direct support to other schools and MGMP in Cycle 3, but it will consider indirect support and cooperation to those schools and MGMP in order to promote future dissemination of Lesson Study to those schools and MGMP smoothly and effectively. Specifically, PRIMA Pendidikan will invite those interested schools and MGMP to the Facilitator Training for Lesson Study, which will be conducted five times in Cycle 3. 

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